The theft at 400 kilometers per hour on the Frecciarossa

A theft at 400 kilometers per hour. This happened on board a Frecciarossa on Wednesday 28 July when a traveler found himself without his laptop, but the alleged perpetrators were arrested as soon as the train arrived at its destination in Rogoredo station; a 25-year-old Algerian citizen and a 19-year-old Libyan citizen are in trouble, both arrested on charges of aggravated theft by Polfer agents.

It all started when the traveler reported the theft to the railway police. The agents of the operations center then sent the report to the policemen engaged in the surveillance service in Rogoredo who, as soon as the Frecciarossa arrived at its destination, blocked and controlled the two suspects. During the investigation, the computer turned up and was returned to its rightful owner. The 25-year-old, however, was handcuffed and accompanied to the San Vittore prison on charges of aggravated theft.

frecciarossa theft