Teacher and mayor of Cerveno, farewell to Anna Bonfadini: funeral on Friday

A teacher for over 30 years, with a strong passion for politics and her country: Anna Bonfadini, mayor of Cerveno for five terms from 1980 to the early 2000s, passed away at the age of 83, and elementary school teacher since 1966 to 1998. In the past she had held the role of councilor for culture in the mountain community and in recent years she had been the contact person for the House Museum.

Always kind and refined, Anna is remembered for her wisdom, passion for culture and the pursuit of beauty, but also for her determination and profound respect for institutional roles. He loved Cerveno and its inhabitants, dedicating his life to the civil and cultural growth of his fellow citizens.

The whole community mourns his passing. The body is located in the farewell room of Niardo, in Via Camporotondo 1 / C. The funeral will be celebrated at 4pm today, Friday 30 July, in the Cerveno cemetery.

Anna Bonfadini