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Ocean Film Festival

Now in its fifth edition, the Ocean Film Festival Italia, a film festival that presents a selection of the best films from the Australian festival of the same name, returns to travel to Italy and will be in Lecco on Tuesday 19 October at the Cinema Palladium at 20.

A dip in the blue to document the beauty and power of the ocean, but also its fragility in the face of climate change and plastic pollution, and to celebrate divers, surfers, swimmers and oceanographers who live for the salt mist of the sea, who chase the crests of the waves and marvel at the mysteries of the great blue. Free diving in pristine waters, big wave surfing, sailing in the frozen waters from Washington to Alaska: many stories of exploration and adventure in remote and wild environments, which today need protection and safeguard from the climatic threats and pollution produced by the plastic.

The films of the festival

Among the 9 films in the program – between short and medium lengths – we remember From Kurilis with Love which takes us to the discovery of the Kurilis islands, between Japan and Kamchatka, thanks to a a team of adventurers and environmentalists led by a Russian scientist, “keeper” of the islands; Race to Alaska, the 750-mile endurance race between Port Townsend, Washington, and Ketchikan, Alaska; a compelling, sometimes humorous, story of people out of the ordinary who put themselves to the test in this challenge without engines and any support; Changing Tides in the company of Lucy Graham and Mathilde Gordon who face a long kayaking trip of 2042 km along the Inside Passage, between fjords, canals and inlets of the north-eastern Pacific Ocean, to raise public awareness on marine pollution from plastics and to experience an extraordinary adventure; there is no shortage of dolphins, marine animals friends of men, Kate Hamsikova: The Sea to Me is dedicated to them, an exciting short film about a story of friendship between the Irish freediver Kate Hamsikova and Dusty a solitary dolphin.

The program business suit

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