No green pass committee in the square remembering Dr. Giuseppe De Donno

A minute of silence to remember the tragic death of Dr. Giuseppe De Donno, a supporter of the covid treatment with auto-immune plasma. But also the announcement of a new presidium on July 31, and of a legal action to officially recognize the cure with hyper immune plasma.

The no green passes take to the streets again in Monza. The appointment is for this evening, Wednesday 28 July, at 8 pm in Piazza Trento e Trieste. The demonstration, organized by the Free Thinkers Committee, will be preceded by a minute of silence to commemorate the well-known doctor who had fought on the front line against the pandemic and who tragically died on Tuesday 27 July.

“Doctor Giuseppe De Donno has saved many human lives – explains Gaetano Rotondo, promoter of the event – Lives of terminally ill people using a treatment that worked very well. This man is a hero and like all heroes he will be remembered forever. We will continue the battle that he has started, bringing information and taking legal action, so that the treatment with hyper immune plasma is added to the official treatment of the European Union “.

The Free Thinkers Committee has been carrying out demonstrations in the Brianza capital for a week. After last week's garrison in front of the Prefecture headquarters, and the demonstration on Saturday 24 July in front of the Town Hall, the group does not give up.

Tonight again in Piazza Trento e Trieste to say no to the green pass, to ask for official clarifications regarding the composition of anti-covid vaccines, to reiterate the importance of home care and active pharmacovigilance after having been subjected to the vaccine.

The Committee announces a new appointment. Third garrison in Monza in seven days: Saturday 31 July at 5.30 pm in Piazza Trento e Trieste.

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