New cars for the Monza brigade: they will be used for emergency response and operational activities

The vehicle fleet of the Monza local police is expanding: the six new Fiat Tipo have arrived. The new vehicles will be used by the agents of the Mobile Unit for operational and emergency response activities. Cars detected through the long-term rental formula, and then set up with the complete equipment of all the devices required by regional legislation. The cars are added to the other 27 cars and 11 motorcycles already equipped with the command.

The inauguration of the new vehicles was also the occasion for the official presentation of the new drones, already anticipated in recent days by the councilor for safety Federico Arena. The drones will be used to support the control and supervision of the territory, in particular to combat the phenomenon of drug dealing and building abuse.

During the ceremony, the new grades introduced by the Lombardy Region and intended for local police operators on the basis of length of service were also delivered: commissioners, superintendents, assistants and chosen agents.

“We are proud of our local police force and the commitment of the agents 24 hours a day – say the mayor Dario Allevi and the councilor Federico Arena – We will continue on this path to guarantee Monza the necessary steps forward in terms of legality, safety and decorum “.

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