Porta Lodovica It happened on Wednesday afternoon, a 49-year-old Italian in trouble, arrested by the police

Porta Lodovica The family, the future The painting of Mario Galvagni architect and poet curated by Fabiola Giancotti Exhibition from 8 to 25 July 2021 Inauguration: 07.07.2021, 17.30-20.00 Basilica of San Celso, Corso Italia 39, Milan Opening hours. ..

Porta Lodovica Nobody needed the emergency room

Porta Lodovica It happens in via Quadronno in front of Civides 9 and 12, the fact has been reported to the police but the person responsible has not yet been identified

Porta Lodovica “Yesterday (April 22) and today the new representatives of Bocconi students (in the various departments, at the CDA and at the CNSU, created a mega gathering at the Ravizza Park. Obviously without masks and filling the park with rubbish. All this by showing the shirts of the Bocconi association …

Porta Lodovica It all began with a quarrel at the Pane Quotidiano canteen, caused by what he had received to eat. Then the flight and the violence

Porta Lodovica The appeal launched on social media by the president Ornella Rigoni and the board of directors

Porta Lodovica The animal was found in the courtyard of a building in via Beatrice d'Este and was rescued

Porta Lodovica Two main police interventions during the night

Porta Lodovica Totally unusual rescue. The swan, which needs large spaces to fly, could no longer leave the terrace

Porta Lodovica Cardiologists will answer a toll-free number, made available by the Foundation for your heart, for a free consultation to citizens on how to prevent cardio-vascular diseases

Porta Lodovica Over 6,000 visits to patients with orthopedic or rheumatological pathologies will be carried out in these spaces

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