“I'm disgusted”: the mayor's anger after the theft in schools

“But where have we arrived? I go to sleep disgusted ”. These are the words of Massimiliano Rivabeni, mayor of Mezzago, who on the night of Monday 26 July discovered that the thieves had entered the town's schools, and had stolen the coins from the drink machines.

The report directly on the social page where the mayor, deeply embittered, at 2 am, returning from inspections, told what happened.

Rivabeni receives several alarm calls from schools. He then decides to notify the carabinieri immediately. Then the inspection to see for yourself what had happened.

Someone had snuck into elementary school, forcing the entrance and leaving a screwdriver on the ground. Just long enough to steal the few cents contained in the coffee machine of a deserted school for months, and then run away. Same scene also in middle school, while in kindergarten there were only signs of an attempted break-in, but the thieves had not been able to enter.

Great is the despair of the mayor. “But where have we arrived? – writes on social media – Damaging and breaking fixtures for a few pennies that can be found in a distributor, moreover in the summer period when schools are closed? And let's not forget the huge damage that can be caused, such as those to the parquet of the nursery of the last break-in. Disgusted I go to sleep. Good night”.

In the past, the mayor had already shared his “nocturnal” interventions on social media following the reports of citizens. In June he had tried to initiate a dialogue with a group of young people who had gathered outside a club and who, despite the time , continued to make a noise disturbing the residents.

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