He hits a cyclist with the car and runs away: young road pirate in trouble

A 47-year-old cyclist fell violently to the ground after being hit by a car in via Dante Alighieri in Sarezzo. The incident occurred around 7 am on Thursday 22 July.

The investigations are handled by the Intercommunal Local Police of Val Trompia: the car came from Villa Carcina and was heading towards Gardone, when it hit the 47-year-old on his faithful “two wheels”. Two ambulances arrived on the spot: after being treated by the doctors, the man was taken in yellow code to the Gardone Val Trompia hospital. He suffered a fractured limb and was discharged the same day, the prognosis is 15 days.

The driver did not stop to lend, but showed up after ten minutes, noticing a broken mirror; born in 1995, he was denounced on the loose for the crime of escape and failure to help. The causes are still to be clarified, but for similar cases the driving license will be suspended from 1 to 3 years.

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