He had stolen the scooter from an unconscious boy: tracked down the alleged culprit

After a month and a half, the man who in Monza, in Corso Milano, would have stolen the electric scooter from a young man who, probably due to an illness, had fallen ruinously to the ground, was found San Gerardo hospital.

The alleged culprit is a man of Peruvian origin who lives in Biassono, and who was reported in a state of freedom for aggravated theft.

The agents of the Monza Mobile Squad (Narcotics and widespread crime section) carried out the search at his home. They confiscated all the clothing and accessories, as well as the hat, worn at the time of the theft.

In the meantime, the man had sold the scooter, which was recovered and seized waiting to be returned to its rightful owner.

The policemen went back to the South American thanks to the testimonies of some people who were present at the scene of the accident awaiting the arrival of help, to the images of the municipal cameras installed in the area, and to the telephone records subsequently acquired. From the vision of the frames it would have emerged that the thief, taking advantage of the state of total unconsciousness of the injured young man, would have taken the scooter and then walked away, also taking away the young victim's hat.

That theft had sparked profound indignation: that evening of June 13, while that 30-year-old man from Sri Lanka was traveling along Corso Milano on a scooter, probably due to an illness, he fell unconscious. While many people were providing first aid, someone had stolen the hat and the scooter from the young man.

The boy had been transferred in red code to the San Gerardo, and hospitalized in a reserved prognosis for a cerebral hemorrhage in the Intensive Neurosurgery Department.

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