He dives from the boat, then the sudden illness: a woman died

She felt ill immediately after diving from the boat, less than 200 meters from the beach of Punta Grò: thanks to the help of some swimmers she was brought back to shore, and then revived for a long time by the health workers. Unfortunately for her there was nothing to be done. Thus died the 73-year-old woman, resident in the province of Verona, who was taken ill on Tuesday afternoon in Sirmione.

The alarm was raised just before 3pm. The woman went out on the boat in the company of some friends: after a short tour on the Brescia coast, they stopped in front of Punta Grò for a refreshing swim. The 73-year-old dived and immediately felt ill: she asked for help from her friends who threw her life buoy, then as mentioned she was taken back to shore.

All the desperate attempts to revive her were useless. Some boys would have practiced heart massage while waiting for help, which arrived in a few minutes: the operations center took off the helicopter, which left Brescia, also sending the automedical and a Red Cross ambulance to the place. All useless, unfortunately, the desperate attempts to save her life.

The surveys were entrusted to the Carabinieri of Desenzano, with the support of the Coast Guard. The medico-legal investigations then confirmed the death from natural causes. The body was recovered after a few hours, already available to the family to organize the funeral. It is the second tragedy in a few days on Lake Garda: last week, in Moniga, the doctor Paolo Brunelli had lost his life.

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