From the region, money to those who live in public housing for bills and expenses, who is entitled to it

Help to overcome difficulties. Help to face the crisis. The Lombardy regional council, approving a resolution presented by the councilor for housing and social housing, Alessandro Mattinzoli, has allocated 16 million euros for the families living in Aler homes.

What is technically defined as a “solidarity contribution”, explained by Pirellone, “has the objective of supporting families in economic difficulty due to the pandemic”. The money will be used to cover “the entire annual quota of common expenses, electricity, gas, common parts and condominium heating”.

The recipients of the contribution are residents of Aler housing with ordinary Isee up to 15 thousand euros and who have had a lease agreement with Aler for at least one year. No application will have to be submitted to receive the funds, but it will be the Lombard residential building company itself that will notify the possible assignees.

“This contribution – underlined the commissioner Mattinzoli – is extraordinary but necessary. It completes what has already been disbursed also to the municipalities with the ordinary contribution. The persistence of the health crisis has in fact highlighted the very heavy social and economic implications in budget management family of the Lombards “.

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