Doctor Inzirillo's “Covidiario” becomes a book

The fight against covid, attention to the sick and their families, but also the desire to explain and disseminate. Doctor Francesco Inzirillo, thoracic surgeon of Asst Valtellina and Alto Lario, became a point of reference during the pandemic, especially from the province of Sondrio. From the “covid-hospital” of Sondalo, through his social channels, he talked about himself, the difficult management of the disease, especially the first wave of coronavirus, with his now famous “#COVIDIARY”.

Today, some time after that March 2020, Inzirillo has decided to collect his writings, giving meaning to the many words spent “hot” during the pandemic. “This is not a simple transfer to paper of my posts on social media. Last summer, at a certain point, I began to make extensions, in-depth studies, additions and then I said to myself … why not give everything to an agency I did it without great hopes and yet … now you can find the '#COVIDIARY' on the website of the publisher CTL (ctleditorelivorno) and on the main online shops “tells us the doctor of Palermo origins.

A diary story of the first sixty days of that international health emergency in which, from the “Eugenio Morelli” hospital in Sondalo, Inizirillo and his colleagues tried to save the lives of hundreds of people. Collected in a sort of zibaldone the reflections, sometimes bitter, other amusing, of a doctor “on the front line who faces structural problems of a deficient healthcare and moral and ethical problems of the doctor-patient relationship, which becomes complicated when a state of forced isolation “. “The description of the wounds caused by the masks, the astronaut / diver's clothing, the loneliness of the elderly, frail and disoriented, the desire to succeed, the medical explanations, the crusade against the web experts” as we read in the description of the book from part of the publisher.

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