Covid, here is the Green Pass: mandatory from 6 August for indoor restaurants, shows and sports

Compulsory green pass from 6 August with at least one dose of vaccine (or negative buffer) for all citizens over 12 years old in indoor restaurants, and in the places where it is consumed at the table, to attend cinema and theater shows, to participate in sporting events and competitions, to go to swimming pools, gyms, but also to fairs, festivals, conferences, amusement parks, game rooms, participation in competitions. The discos remain closed.

This is the decree (consisting of 11 articles) approved by the Council of Ministers on Thursday evening and announced by Prime Minister Mario Draghi. The issues of school, transport and work are not covered by the decree.

Furthermore, the Council resolved to extend until 31 December 2021 the national state of emergency and the new criteria for the “coloring” of Regions.

What the green pass certifies and where it will be valid

The green certification can be printed or digital and certifies: that you have had at least one dose of the vaccine against covid-19 or that you have negative results from a rapid molecular or antigen test in the past 48 hours or from being cured of covid-19 in the past six months.

From 6 August it will be mandatory, even in the white area, to: consume at the table in indoor restaurants and bars, access museums and exhibitions; attend shows open to the public, concerts, events and sporting competitions; participate in the indoor activities of cultural, social and recreational centers (with the exception of educational centers for children and summer centers); enter wellness centers and sports facilities (swimming pools, gyms, team sports fields), indoors and in spas; access health facilities and RSA; enter theme and amusement parks; participate in fairs, festivals, conferences and congresses; participate in parties and receptions; participate in public competitions; access gaming rooms, betting rooms, bingo and casinos.

How to obtain the green certification

It can be requested and obtained by connecting to the website with the Spid or with the health card or identity document; with the Immuni app; with the IO app; by accessing your electronic health record; by contacting your family doctor, a pediatrician of free choice or a pharmacy.

Draghi's appeal for the vaccination campaign

“The Italian economy is doing well, it is also growing at a higher rate to that of other European countries “, but” the delta variant of the virus is threatening and expands much faster than others “, premier Draghi recalled at the opening of the press conference after the Council of Ministers. “Other European countries are ahead of us in infections, but we have learned that without reacting immediately the reality that seems distant to us from other countries presents itself here with a relatively close interval. What we see happening elsewhere we must imagine that it can repeat itself in Italy. , in the absence of measures. However, it is necessary to act on the Covid-19 front. The measures we have taken today are important because they introduce the use of green certification on a rather extensive basis, but we must remember that the merit of this improvement was the campaign vaccinal “.

Draghi announced that on vaccines” the government's objective has been achieved and exceeded “, once again inviting Italians to continue vaccinating. “Summer is peaceful and we want it to remain so. The green pass is necessary for us to continue. It is a measure that gives serenity, not that it takes away serenity”, he added. “The appeal not to get vaccinated is the appeal to die, you don't get vaccinated you get sick and die, or you kill, you don't vaccinate, infect and kill. It is also an appeal to close everything”, said Draghi, replying to a question about the no-vax appeals of some politicians.

The new colors for the Regions and the school knot

“We extend the state of emergency to 31 December of this year”, said the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, during of the press conference at the end of the Council of Ministers, taking the floor after Draghi. “The green pass is a tool that Italians have been dealing with for several weeks. 40 million have already been downloaded. Vaccinate, get vaccinated, get vaccinated: this is the main way if we want to put the most difficult season we have faced behind us “, he added. “We have decided in agreement with the regions that the hospitalization rate is the 'driver' for the change of colors in the regions”, explained the minister.

“A Region will go into the yellow zone only when the intensive care occupancy rate exceeds 10% and at the same time the medical area is over 15%. In orange it goes with intensive therapies exceed 20% and at the same time the medical area exceeds 30% and instead we will go to the red area with intensive therapies occupied over 30% and the medical area 40% “, explained the minister later.

As for the school, both Speranza and Draghi reiterated: “every effort” will be made to reopen safely and in presence. “To us today's decree already seemed too complicated. Three areas are left out: school, transport and work. These issues will probably be addressed as early as next week, they require other specific measures and measures that are particularly complex”, anticipated the Prime Minister.

green pass restaurant Mario Draghi, Roberto Speranza

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