Cosa fare a Milano - What to do

At Villa Arconati-Far a special August 15th with guided tours of the villa and the garden

Also this year Villa Arconati FAR opens its doors to visitors also in August, for all those who wish to spend a day amidst beauty, nature, art and culture.

Augusto Rancilio Foundation proposes in fact, there are many ways for visitors to enjoy the enchantment of the “little Versailles of Milan”, which is located a few steps from Milan, but in an enchanted place where time seems to have stopped at the glories of the eighteenth century.

From 11am to 7pm the public will have the opportunity to live a day like the ancient hosts, choosing whether to walk in the marvelous monumental garden or be fascinated by the stories told in the Palace by our volunteer guides.

Free view of the monumental garden

Would you like to take a relaxing walk, lulled by the summer breeze, in the cool of shaded berceaux, listening only to the rustle of the wind, the song of the water and the chirping of birds?

Villa Arconati FAR retains a or the very few Italian and French gardens preserved throughout Lombardy: 12 hectares of formal gardens in which nature and sculpture merge, creating an enchanted place. Among the treasures that you can admire: 7 theaters, 40 classical statues and fountains, completely restored and functioning water games, a labyrinth and much more!

Entrance by reservation every 30 minutes. Access to the garden allows you to stay there without time limits until closing time.

Guided view of the palace

In addition to a walk in the spectacular Garden, you would like to visit the Palace and discover all its stories and secrets?

The guided tour, lasting about 1 hour, will take you to discover the most illustrious rooms of the Villa, which once again this year, in compliance with the Covid-19 containment rules , cannot be visited without the presence of the Guides: the majestic Sala di Phaeton, with the spectacular eighteenth-century fresco

by the Galliari Brothers, the scenographers of the Scala in Milan, the marvelous Ballroom, the triumph of the most refined Lombard baroque, and the Sala della Caccia, the only room in which twelve paintings from 1707 by the master Angelo Maria Crivelli known as Crivellone are still preserved, the beautiful Museum Room which preserves the imposing sculpture of Tiberius, formerly believed to be Pompeo Magno, the statue sot which according to legend Julius Caesar was stabbed. Open to the public for the first time the Arconati Library – which houses about 2,000 ancient volumes – and the Armory, the restoration of which has made it possible to rediscover the beautiful eighteenth-century frescoes.

Guided tour of the palace and garden

Would you like to know all the secrets of the Garden and the Palace?

This brand new guided tour is ideal for you! It will take you to discover the most exclusive areas of the Villa (as well as the guided tour of the Palace) but also the twelve hectares of which the spectacular monumental garden of Villa Arconati FAR is composed, one of the very few examples of Italian and French gardens that still today they are preserved throughout Lombardy: silent statues lying in their theaters, fountains with spectacular water games, walls of vegetation that create perspective avenues make this garden a place with a unique charm. A walk to discover the most evocative and recently restored environments: the Limonaia and the Torre delle Acque, the Ice House, the Andromeda theater and the majestic Theater of Diana, the Theater of Hercules up to the eighteenth-century parterre, where the restoration has re-proposed the spectacular eighteenth-century drawing by Marc'Antonio Dal Re.

During the visit it will be possible to admire the water games that are back in operation in all the already restored theaters.

Lunch of Mid-August

Like every Sunday, also in Ferragosto for the Visitors there will be the opportunity to enjoy a delicious Lunch like the noble hosts of the past, in the unique atmosphere of the Red Room.

Here is the special menu for Ferragosto: a first course at