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At the Festival of TV series an entire day dedicated to the little ones

The third edition of FeST – The Festival of TV Series, the first Italian festival entirely dedicated to television seriality at the time of streaming services, begins today, in collaboration with Triennale Milano, location of the event, and with the patronage of the Municipality of Milan.

The theme of 2021

This year's theme is Crafting Worlds – “the construction of narrative worlds capable of representing the world we live in every day “. In support of the theme, FeST reserves a stage and an entire area for those who will build the world of tomorrow: the youngest and the youngest.

The day dedicated to children

Sunday 26 from 11 to 16, the Triennale Milano garden will be dedicated to the Kids stage. A stage where the serial content for children and teenagers will be the protagonists, with some cult content even for the older ones. A space just for them to watch the screenings of two episodes of NickJr's beloved preschool series, “PAW Patrol” themed Dino Rescue, of the first two episodes of the new Netflix series “He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe” and first episodes, in preview, of the new series “Gli Acchiappagiochi” by Studio Bozzetto for Rai Ragazzi. They will also be able to meet their Whatsanna darlings “, Carolina Di Domenico and Cloe Romagnoli (DeAKids), who will also stop for a moment to meet & greet.

Moderator of all the panels of the Kids Stage will be Florencia Di Stefano-Abichain, freelance content creator, speaker, author, radio and television host, author and podcast host, considered by Startupitalia among the 150 women who will change Italy.

The program

– 11am -11: 45, Title: PAW Patrol Dino Rescue

Description: Screening of two episodes of the beloved children's series, starring the four-legged puppies of Adventure Bay. In the two episodes their adventures will be in Dino Land together with the new character Rex, a puppy with a disability expert in dinosaurs! Broadcaster: Nick Jr.

– 12-12.45pm, Title: The Game Catchers

Guests: Andrea Bozzetto and Branko Rakic ​​(directors), Corrado Colleoni (director artistic), Stefania Busca (production director)

Description: Preview screening of the first episodes of the new series created by Studio Bozzetto for Rai Ragazzi, with a brief introduction by the team of creators. Broadcaster: Rai Ragazzi

– 14-14: 45, Title: He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe

Description: Screening of the first two episodes of the new Netflix reboot series made entirely in CGI on the Eternia saga. Broadcaster: Netflix

– 15-15: 45, Title: Whatsanna

Guests: Carolina Di Domenico (actress), Cloe Romagnoli (actress)

Description: Screening and meeting with the two protagonists of the series, to meet them in person and find out more about the world of Whatsanna. Broadcaster: DeAKids.

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