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At Palazzo Reale “sculpted” women in a new exhibition dedicated to female statuary

From 14 July 2021 Palazzo Reale hosts the exhibition Scolpite, promoted by the Municipality of Milan – Culture, Palazzo Reale and organized by the Association of Women Photographers, together with Terre des Hommes. The exhibition is part of “La Bella Estate”, the summer cultural program promoted by the Municipality of Milan.

The exhibition

Through the gaze of 35 artists of the Women Photographers Association, the exhibition “Scolpite” aims to actively contribute with photographic language to the creation of an open and critical vision of the figure of the woman in the collective imagination and to stimulate a reflection on the presence of women in statuary and, in particular, on her absence in public statuary.

The artists

The artists on display are: Vittoria Amati, Tiziana Arici, Alessandra Attianese, Lucia Baldini, Isabella Balena, Raffaella Benetti, Patrizia Bonanzinga, Marianna Cappelli, Loredana Celano, Isabella Colonnello, Antonietta Corvetti, Giovanna Dal Magro, Margherita Dametti, Colomba D'Apolito, Isabella De Maddalena, Flavia Faranda, Fulvia Farassino, Simona Filippini, Antonella Gandini, Claudia Ioan, Silvia Lelli, Sonia Lenzi, Marzia Malli, Giuliana Mariniello , Paola Mattioli, Melania Messina, Rosetta Messori, Antonella Monzoni, Bruna Orlandi, Nicoletta Prandi, Patrizia Pulga, Patrizia Riviera, Anna Rosati, Margherita Verdi, Amalia Violi.

An intent shared and supported by the Foundation Terre des Hommes which, for 10 years has been carrying out the defenseless campaign, for the rights of girls and girls and through the petition #UnaStatuaPerLeBambine, launched in July 2020, invited the Milanese citizens to reflect on the issue of gender equality and the need for choose new models and symbols for the girls and women of tomorrow, to whom to dedicate new monuments in the city.

Free entry.