Cosa fare a Milano - What to do

At Mudec, Achille Lauro's chamber of wonders with his Gucci dresses

From 23 September to 10 October at Mudec it will be possible to visit Achille Lauro's chamber of wonders, with Gucci designer clothes and many other curiosities on display.

What to see

The long enfilade 22 meters, will consist in combining the aesthetic perfection of the prestazione, with its admirable clothes, to the real life of the backstage, through a still life of the scenarios that spettacolo the stages of production and creativity prior to the stage.

Once again the theme of the unexpected becomes an integral part of the artist's performances, captured in the moment of his creation through author's photographic shots. Instruments, rods, guitars, iconic clothes, but also coffee cups stained with lipstick, crumpled bottles of water, diaries, notes, tricks, wigs and gadgets with fake blood.

The exhibition will tell the creative process of the artist and his team, peeking into the moments when art came to life. The world before the unexpected of the stage resumes the