A few days ago the appeal for treatment, then the tragedy: mother Elisa died at 32

The last and heartfelt appeal dates back to a few days ago: he had relaunched the fundraising to be able to support an experimental therapy, the Di Bella Method, which for this reason is not recognized by the national health system. It was her last-ditch attempt to combat the IV large B-cell Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma that had hit her a couple of years ago. But her conditions quickly and irremediably worsened: Elisa Gottardi died at the age of 32.

Elisa's funeral The young mother rests at the farewell house La Franciacorta in Via Garibaldi in Passirano, her town of origin (even if she had moved to Castegnato for some time): the funeral will be celebrated in the parish church of Monterotondo on Thursday afternoon at 5 pm. family does not ask for flowers but offers for the Ail association of Brescia, and thanks Dr. Alessandro Re and all the staff of the Department of Civil Hematology for the care given. Her husband Gerry and son Gabriel mourn her, her parents Agnese and Aldo, her sister Emanuela with Daniele, her brother Egidio with Chiara, her brother-in-law Salvo with Anna. Many messages of condolence arrived in these hours: “To you who have never given up – writes Laura – we had a promise you and I but fate was too cruel. I will miss you a lot, we will miss you all: a kiss up there, you will always be in my heart “.

dead funeral Elisa Gottardi

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